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Fine Art



Glacier Bay Alaska    Detail    Oil On Panel


Glacier Bay Alaska       Detail       Oil On Panel

Paul R. Glaviano

    My name is Paul R. Glaviano. I am an artist, chef, and educator. I have been active in fine art, the culinary arts, and education for over thirty years. I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine art from the San Francisco Art Institute. I am currently the Northern California Chef de Cuisine for Newport Academy. Previously, I held the position as Executive Chef at Oakmont of Cardinal Point Luxury Senior Living in Alameda, CA. I was the founding art teacher at the Academy of Thought and Industry in San Francisco.  As well as, the Executive Chef/Culinary Director at Gladman-Telecare Mental Health facility in Oakland, the Chef/Educator at Thunder Road Youth Adolescent Treatment Center in Oakland where I  taught youth at risk the culinary arts as part of their high school curriculum. In addition, I have been a professor at The Art Institutes of California-San Francisco, art and culinary departments, and taught senior level management classes. I have taught fine art to kindergarten through 5th grade at Bay Language Academy in Alameda.  I also managed the Café at the San Francisco Art Institute and taught students the culinary arts as part of the work-study program at the college. 

    I began my post high school education at West Valley Junior College in Saratoga California.  It was there that I began a serious art making practice which continues today. I studied with Julius Hatofsky, Sam Tchakalian, Bruce Mcgaw, and Carlos Villa, at the San Francisco Art Institute. My fine oil paintings are represented by Heather Piazza, owner and curator of Creative Framing and Gallery in Oakland. Heather shows my paintings at the gallery annually.  I live in Alameda with my wife and two sons.

     I have traveled extensively in Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. I have enjoyed coaching Alameda Little League baseball. I have taught all ages from kindergarteners to adults, fine arts, culinary arts, and sports.


Artist Statement

         I am a landscape painter. My landscape paintings are direct, organically-conceived, synaesthetic experiences.  They reflect my unique vision of the world.  These series of landscape paintings have been created during the past 35 years. They mirror and mediate my struggle toward higher levels of cognition, communication, and humanitarianism.  They are born out of the great tradition of landscape painting first used to describe a painting in 1598.

         These paintings are created in response to the landscape explored, either personally or metaphorically.  At times actual places are depicted from memory. Others reveal themselves in the act of creation.  All bear witness to a deep connection felt with the landscape.   They are catastrophic landscapes, which produce signposts for a millennium that has seen much of its optimism vanish.  These paintings depict natural scenery such as glaciers, mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. Elements of water, sky, and weather, as well as subterranean realms.  This art maintains the subject in a wide view, with its elements arranged to evoke a unique sense of place. They also recognize the landscapes spiritual qualities.

     These images describe particular geographical catastrophes, both “acts of God” and acts of men who boast that they are servants of God.  It links the fates of California firestorm, Sri Lankan tsunami, and Pakistani earthquake victims, as well as Gulf Coast hurricane and flood residents, with those of Iraqi, Afghani, Syrian, and other war torn civilians in acknowledging humankind’s shared vulnerability.  These works investigate the global consequences of our failings, the byproducts of our troubled evolution, and extreme global climate change. They are my way of deciphering and confronting the challenges that face our species.

Glacier Bay Alaska                                        Detail                                                      Oil On Panel


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​​​​​Summary of Courses Taught

Drawing Painting and Collage -

2018  Academy of Thought and Industry - SF

Observational Drawing -

2017- 2018, Art Institutes of California – SF

K – 5th Grade Modern Art

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture 2016 - 2017

Bay Language Academy – Alameda Ca.

Facilities Management and Design

2017 -2018, Art Institutes of California – SF

Hospitality Law

2017 – Present, Art Institutes of California – SF

Senior Culinary Practicum -

2016 – 2018, Art Institutes of California – SF

Management, Supervision

& Career Development-

2016 – 2018, Art Institutes of California – SF

Catering and Event Management -

2016– Present, Art Institutes of California – SF

Foodservice Merchandising-

2017– 2018, Art Institutes of California – SF

Fundamentals of Professional Service-

2017– 2018, Art Institutes of California – SF

Undergraduate Senior Seminar Class -

2003 - Teaching Assistant for Professor Carlos Villa

San Francisco Art Institute

Young Artist Painting Program -

2002 - San Francisco Art Institute

Large Scale Drawing -

2002 -San Francisco Art Institute





Teaching Philosophy

     I have been in leadership roles teaching and managing people for over 30 years.  I have always believed in giving students clear instruction using articulate language, direct lesson plans, written and visual historical context, and the belief that the greatest learning takes place in the doing.  As a teacher of art, including the culinary arts, it has been my experience that the best environment for students to learn is one that reflects the excitement and real world experience that the teacher has about the subject being taught.  

     As a Master Artist graduate of The San Francisco Art Institute, it was at the Art Institute that I learned through self-discovery, the Socratic method of questioning and hypothesis formation, and independent freedom.  Students need to be encouraged and shown a commitment to their learning.  I am committed to every student I teach no matter what their individual challenges may be.  I understand that students are individuals and learn at different rates.  It is my responsibility to guide them through the material to be learned and help them to find their uniquely individual path to success.   

      I have always given my students the opportunity to ask for extra help and I am always willing to go the extra mile for my students.  I have a broad knowledge of strategies to teach youth at risk due to my tenure at Thunder Road Youth Adolescent Treatment Center in Oakland.  Ultimately, my guiding philosophy when teaching is to be prepared, to listen to students difficulties learning the material being presented, ask a lot of questions, and support them so they can achieve their goals.